Workplace Health & Wellness

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Nurse Health Coaching - Ask a Nurse

Help address the health concerns of your employees with Nurse Health Coaching – Ask a Nurse services.

Workplace Solutions

We have over 25 years of experience offering a wide range of medical, rehabilitation, disability management and wellness services across the country to provide clients with convenient access to the highest quality of health care. Lifemark represents a consolidation of over 4000 healthcare specialists and patient service support staff – physicians and nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, clinical rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, disability case managers, and more.

Workplace Solutions
Highest standings with accreditation

Our services have received highest standings with accreditation authorities because of our focus on outcomes and safety. 

Partner With Us, we can:
  • Enhance your return-to-work processes by utilizing our strong IT and reporting infrastructure
  • Reduce accident and injury rates by customizing a robust health & safety strategy
  • Reduce absenteeism at your workplace by providing expedited access to professional expertise through our roster of experienced medical and clinical specialists

Employee Continuum Of Care

Lifemark provides a comprehensive list of services to help you ensure your employees are safe and productive at work. Our experience across Canada involves working with employers from all industries with sizes ranging from under 50 to 22,000 employees. Our Services are specifically design to meet each of your needs.

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