Keeping your employees safe

Keeping your employees safe during onsite flu clinics: strict COVID protocols

Everyone is taking extra steps to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing right now, and the Lifemark Health and Wellness Team is no exception. When your company hosts an on-site flu clinic with us, we implement a whole list of extra precautions to keep your employees safe and reduce their risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

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Enhanced protocols for our flu clinics include:

  • Online registration. Employees book a slot to enable appropriate times between appointments. To minimize time spent in the clinic, they will be asked to fill out an online consent form in advance and bring it with them. (Consent forms will also be available at the clinic in case anyone forgets theirs.)
  • Pre-screening questions. The COVID-19 pandemic screening questions will be posted on the clinic door to remind participants to self-assess and screen for any potential symptomatic people.
  • Waiting areas are limited to two people, max. Time slots will be scheduled so there are no
  • more than 2 people waiting to get their flu shot at any one time. Social distancing (2 meters / 6 feet apart) will be enforced with signage, with distances clearly marked.
  • 4-minute appointments. Vaccination time has been reduced to minimize personal contact.
  • Nurses wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Registered Nurses will have face shields and surgical masks on at all times. Nitrile gloves will be used at their discretion, or stringent hand hygiene will be practiced.
  • Mandatory masks. All employees coming into the clinic must wear either surgical or cloth face masks.
  • Socially distanced post-vaccination observation. Signage will clearly indicate 2 meter / 6 foot distances in this area, and will remind employees to sanitize their chair before and after they use it.
  • Unidirectional traffic flow. Whenever possible, clinics will be set up with clearly marked arrows to ensure people are traveling in one direction and not crossing paths unnecessarily.
  • Strict cleaning protocols. All surfaces will be sanitized between each flu vaccination, including the chair, the table and anything else the employee might inadvertently touch.

The health and safety of your employees is our first priority, and we are taking every possible precaution to minimize risk.

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Are flu shots important during COVID?

YES! While getting a flu shot won't protect you from COVID (there is no immunization currently available for COVID-19), it does have some big benefits:

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